Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain can be a frustrating situation for many women. There are large number of possible causes of pelvic pain.


Related to pelvic organs; 
  • Womb (uterus) Ovaries, Fallopian tubes.(Infection-PID /STD, swollen tubes, Adhesions, Endometriosis, Ovarian cysts, Fibroid degeneration, ovulation / period pains etc.)
  • Urinary Bladder /Bowels (infection-UTI,IBS etc.)
  • Muscles / Skeleton/Nerves.
  • Other causes.


The diagnosis of pelvic pain begins by process of elimination, as there are various causes of pain. This involves the following;
  • Comprehensive history, relationship of pain, pain exaggerating and relieving factors, duration of pain etc.
  • Physical and internal examination, swabs / blood tests etc.
  • Ultrasound examination (TVS /TAS), computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), sometimes intravenous pyelography (IVP), and barium enema.
  • Laparoscopy (Diagnostic / Operative) ; this may be necessary as the above tests may not detect Adhesions or Endometriosis.


SA Fertility offers a much personalised holistic care.

The management depends on the diagnosis.
  • Conservative management.
  • Surgical management
  • Other management

Conservative management

Treatments can vary from medications / antibiotics for  infection e.g., urinary tract infections (UTI) or vaginal infections. Treatment in the hospital for serious infections such as PID. If a sexually transmitted disease is diagnosed, your partner will also need to be treated to prevent reinfection.

Surgical management

Surgery may be necessary for certain types of pelvic pain. The type of surgery depends on the diagnosis. Surgery such as laparoscopy can be done as a day case, while other surgeries such as hysterectomy require a stay in the hospital.

Will discuss your options in details based on your diagnosis, as well as the risks and benefits of these procedures and the chance of them working. Hysterectomy is not always the best treatment, especially in the case of chronic pelvic pain.

Other managements

May include  involvement of pain management team, nerve blocks,  relaxation exercises,  Heat therapy, muscle relaxants, etc.

Note If the pain is diagnosed to be related to non-gynaecological cause e.g. bowels or urinary tract, muscles / skeleton, then appropriate referrals are made for proper management.
Please contact us to discuss in details.
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